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It's, like...stuff!

Itzel's Graphics & Whatnot
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icons and graphics


Although I do occasionally make icons that aren't baseball related, the majority of my icons are baseball related. Most of my baseball icons are of the White Sox. Deal with it. :P I do make other teams and sometimes I take requests.

Keep in mind that it sometimes takes me a while to finish requests. Sometimes my mind just wanders and I completely forget, so feel free to gimme a poke or something to remind me (but be nice about it, otherwise I'm just gonna tell you to go screw).


+ Feel free to use my icons ANYWHERE.
+ Please, please, please credit and comment when using.
+ Altering/customizing is not allowed, unless stated otherwise.
+ If you really must edit an icon, please send me a message and ask first. ;)
+ That's about it, really. =)
+ Any questions? Just leave a comment in the first post and I'll reply A.S.A.P.


+ When using icons (or anything else) credit
miss_trombone or 35th_n_shields

+ If you have requests for stuff, you can leave them in the first post OR you can wait until I make a request post. :)
+ Before you request anything, though, check the memories to make sure I haven't already made them. Also, take a look at my interest list here and @ my personal journal to see if I'd be willing to make them. If you're not sure, just ask. :]
+ You MUST friend this journal to see the posts. Just the way it goes, sorry. :\
+ It's not necessary, but it would be nice if you comment my posts when taking anything. :) I like to know who my babies are being adopted by. XD
+ If one of my links is broken, PLEASE let me know. I'll try to fix it right away.
+ Enjoy, look around, and don't forget to comment! :D


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